Wednesday, July 28, 2010

My Japanese Family!

Konichiwa mina!
コにちわ みな!
Hey everyone!

I have been emailing with my family for so long, I can't believe I havn't put pictures up.

My host father, Ikuo Fujimura, sends me a ton! I have pictures of my school, the town, club activities, and the family doing a bunch of things.

<----This was the first picture he sent me!
.        So cool right? From left to right there is                              .       Sunao, then Hikari, then Atsuko, then   .    .       Nodoka.

Mr. Fujimura owns an Iron Company. He'll also be the chairman of the Long Term Youth exchange next year for Rotary! He seems really nice and active. He runs about 150km (93miles) a month,  takes tennis lessons, and enjoy skiing and listening to English radio programming.

He claims to not be good at english, but we've been emailing back and forth for a while now and his English is amazing.

<----  To his right in the picture is his wife,       .         Atsuko. He says he "really appreciates   .         her." Aww. <3
.         She likes reading, watching Korean        .         Dramas, and practicing yoga.

<--- This is a picture of the Fujimuras               .       welcoming a past exchange student,        .       Stephanie, to Japan.

As you saw in the first picture, I will have 3 host siblings. Sunao will be my host brother. He's 16 (likes me!) and is in the astronomical club. He likes fishing and playing base guitar.

There is also Hikari. She is 17 and I will be in her class. I'm so excited you have no idea. She is in the cheerleading club and likes to dance. I'm pretty sure well get along well!

There is also Nodoka. She's on the far right of the first picture. She always looks so stylish I've noticed. She is 21 and is at University. She doesn't live with the family and is in the Billiard club. She also was a foreign exchange student to America from 2006-2007.

<----This picture is of my host family and Cameron, an exchange student, in Tokyo Disneyland. I actually met Cameron on Facebook through pure coincidence. 

So I'll definitely be posting more pictures tonight.
I've got many of there house, and cute cute dog, and even the school!