Saturday, August 21, 2010

Day Ichi (1)

I’m glad for your sake that I’ve decided to write this blog post much later.
The first part of my day started off well, but one small foreigner move sent me spiraling into a less then elated mood. 
Basically my host family, host councelor, and club president took me out for dinner. It was at an Udon Noodle restuarant. It was old style japanese. We took off our shoes. Climbed into this large wooden box and the men sat at one table and the girls at the other. 
All that happened was that when Mama beckoned me up to the counter with plates and food (just the girls went) Nodoka and her grabbed a plate. Everyone else grabbed a plate, so I did too. This seemed pretty logical. When I got back to the table with my plate equally as filled with food as there’s, Mama set hers on the mens table and that left us with Nodoka’s and my plate and my table.
Ohhh... yeah then it dawns on me. It’s one plate per table. And we all eat off of it. (Yeah, germaphobia doesn’t exist here.) So that made me slightly self concious. Then, you know you slurp noodles, I couldn’t manage this with out the noodle letting drops of liquid fly everywhere. And I mean everywhere. It was like Alexa’s own little water park. Lastly, I couldn’t finish mine.
Let me tell you, a young skinny Japanese girl could out eat any American man. And in half the time it takes him to finish.
I’ve only had two meals with them and they eat so fast and so much my stomach aches thinking about it.
So now Im writing again a little bit later... watch as my writing skills slowly deteriorate as I get sleepier. Grammar as of this point, is a little bit sketchy.
Dinner was much better then lunch. 
It was at the home and Mama made a huge dinner. It consisted of these square pieces of sea weed and you’d spread rice on them. Then you could put a piece of raw fish on them. However they also had nato (didn’t even try it. Gag me.), sea urchins (apparently most love it. It’s sort of a delicacy.), and salmon eggs you could spread on it over the rice. Dip it in soy sauce and pop the whole thing in your mouth. Sea urchins had a really strange texture. There were also chips, beans, and Miso soup.
It was all really delicious at first... except the sea urchins and fish eggs... and some fish.
I still ate a lot. Again.
As Derek’s host father said (the one who guided me and a fellow host student around Tokyo airport) I will get fat.
I could make a separate blog post on everything. Such as how the commercials were all extremely... cute. In a way where I mean they obviously have this as a way of advertising everything. 
Cute japanese girl + small kid + giggling + cartoon animal = perfect car commercial.
More small things like the shower was different. You sat down and held the shower head. And it was basically in a small room with a bench and a drain in the floor.tly about other things. I’ll probably go more in depth on everything later to come. 

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Not too sure about the whole food thing. Think I would not of tried the sea urchins and fish eggs! Ack!