Saturday, August 21, 2010


As of now I am in the plane.
About a trillion miles off the ground to be exact.
Thing have winded down for a while now. The shades have been shut and everyone around me is sleeping.
Figures I wouldn’t be sleeping when it’s 12:48AM.
I’ve been sleeping in positions that would make most people cringe. Mostly just doubling over and sleeping with my head on my knees.
I had taken a window seat, but a mom and he 2 year old twins had been seperated so I, being the good samaritan I am, moved around and am now sitting in an aisle seat.
Which I guess is better because I am constantly up and down.
Now I’m listening to some j-pop. I plugged my headphones into the seat to listen to the movie... but got this. I decided I was just going to sleep anyways, so I havn’t gone the extra mile to press the “movie audio” button.
I couldn’t even tell you how far into the flight we are. We probably left around 4... central time. Now it’s 1am eastern time. 10 hours maybe?
It’s a fourteen hour flight or so. 4 more hours. Yippee.
I’ve met a few other Rotary exchange students a long the way.
Hadley and Christian arrived first and conveniently sat next to me at the airport.
Speaking of, the Minneapolis airport is absolutely huge and has delicious food. 
I ordered something vegetarian, but got some chicken pesto tasty thing. So though their service may be lacking, the food quality compensated for it quite nicely.
Anyways, they were from Illinois and we just wandered for a bit. There was a Starbucks there which always makes everything a bit easier.
I should start working on my writing skills.
Maybe if I just write for the next four hours that could accomplish some sort of improvement.


Anonymous said...

Loved reading to your brothers!

Anonymous said...

A. Lisa thinks some pictures would be nice!!!!! Hint, hint