Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Going.. going.. gone.

Kind of.

I leave in 4 hours for Cleveland Hopkins Airport.
In 7 hours I get on a plane and fly to Minneapolis.
In 12 I get on a plane and then fly to Tokyo.

You have no idea how unbelievably exciting that is.
It's kind of like getting a puppy... and a ticket to Tokyo.

But I'm all packed.
Two suitcases. Both under 50lbs.

See, tonight we weighed them.. and they both came in at 60lbs.
...this obviously was a problem.
So all my winter clothing is being shipped to me.

It's over 100*F in Japan right now so I'm pretty sure 6 pairs of jeans and my red peacoat won't be needed immediately upon arrival.

I also have my carryon and purse. Everything, and I mean everything is decked out in pink and black.
I'm proud that I could make my black monster luggage a bit more.. girly.

I'm tired but there is too much to do before I go to sleep.
I'll update more later. This is just a quickie incase I can't update for a long long time.
I have wifi on the plane so I think we'll be good.

17 hours miles above the ground.

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Anonymous said...

Aunt Lisa is very patiently waiting for an update!!!!!