Saturday, September 25, 2010


I just got back from volleyball, which currently owns my life.
I am so happy to have a break I turned down plans to socialize. I need a nap.

But the other day, Tuesday actually, was Old People's Day. Basically, we get off school so we can celebrate old people. Which I am all for.
So me and my host sister/class mate, Hikari decided to go shopping that day. But the highlight of the day was PuriKura.

PuriKura is essentially a jazzed up photoboth.
They are extremely popular in Japan and when you go into the mall, a dollar store, and grocery store, you always see a PuriKura booth. (Pronounce Pure-E-Cure-a.)
We went to Takamatsu mall which happened to have about 20 purikura booths. And this things arn't small. That's because for one, you stand in them. They can fit up to 10 people standing. And then there is also a part of the booth you use to decorate the puri kura. You'll see in the pictures below.

So you walk in and it is basically a small white room. And in front of you is a touch screen you use to select your background and stuff.

It takes about 6 pictures and once you are done you go around to the part where it gives you 2 minutes, (timed which creates hectic, last minute disasterous designs) to decorate all of them. You and the person your with each have a screen and you basically you add a bunch of little pictures and writing to it. You can add onto the other person's design too.

Once you are done. You wait outside the booth. In the one booth, we played a game that was like that game you play when you're little and have cards laying on the floor picture side down and can pick up two at a time to see which ones match. The memory game. That was this. With other people's purikura. On a touch screen.

I, being a memory game champ, rocked this. For my effort I receieved some false eyelashes.
Just because Japan would have it's machines give you false eyelashes.

My favorite part about the machines was how it beautifies you... asian style.
It makes your eyes bigger and dark and more wide set (which makes me look extremely creepy in a select few) and it also whitens your skin. Because in Japan being the color of paper is actually enviable.

So, I'll update again soon. Here's some pictures for everyone.


Anonymous said...

Yea! Old People's day--love it.

I really liked your pictures---very interesting.

Susan Starr said...

So how's school going? I've not seen any posts about that.

Anonymous said...

Hope you had a wonderful
Christmas and I am sure it will be a really good New Year!

Anonymous said...

its not pure-e cure-a, its poo ree kuu ra