Wednesday, February 9, 2011

This is me updating my blog...

There will be limited punctuation since in the 6 months Ive been here Ive yet to work out how to find the comma or semicolon on here.
Im sitting in the school library, the only place that has a computer, typing on a computer Im pretty sure is a collectors item now with a keyboard that likes to switch into Hirgana, Japanese text, at any random たのし。

If you were not aware, I joined volley ball back in September or so.
If you were also not aware I quit volleyball back in December or so.
Then I joined rhythmic gymnastics, because Ive always wanted to be able to touch my forehead to my middle back.

Rhythmic gymnastics is basically summed up as me getting into the splits
Teacher: Good job. Now touch foot to nose.

However, Im on the team with four other girls who are all fun in there own way, which is why I continue to push through over 30 hours of practice a week.
The coach is a character. She is all about the feeling. If I could find the qoutes on this keyboard Id put the word feeling in qoutes, mostly because I have no idea what the feeling is and neither does anyone else.
She will give us long lectures on being in synch. The only reason I even slightly understand her lectures is  because the girls translate them into sketchy english.
Teacher: *Five minute lecture* Make english.
Girls: ....
       Open your mind.

This is the point where I nod while trying not to laugh. Ive been told on multiple occasions that the feeling is not a laughing matter.

As I said, the team has five girls.
The first girl is Asoka. Shes five feet tall and all muscle. Shes been doing Rhythmic since she was 8 and has the ability I spoke of before of touching her forehead to her back. Except she can also point her toes at the same time. She is the only one who adores Rythmic gymnastics.
The other girl, Mizuki, is also five feet tall. However, while Asoka manages to pass for Id say the age of 14, Mizuki literally looks about 12 years old. She can also contort herself into crazy poses but she prefers to make stupid faces at the coach when her back is turned and complain about how much she hates this club.
Akane is in my class and also Rhythmic Gymnastics. She eats a brownie every day before practice and then tells the coach how well her diet is going. She is of non-midget height and the loudest girl who has ever tackled me in the hallway on a day to day basis. It would be weird if this wasnt normal Japanese girl behavior.
Lastly there Ayane. She is a manager, or so she calls herself, mostly because half the time she doesnt want to stretch. She tries very hard to traanslate everything into english for me, which more often then not results in us both being more confused then when we started talking.

Ill be going out with the girls to make chocolate this weekend for Valentines day. These will definantly be some of the people Ill miss when I come home (July 1st!)

So, Ill leave you with some inspirational advice Ayane just mailed me:

I boloster you as long as I can do.

^I have no idea what it means either.

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Anonymous said...

Awww,I love you and miss you SOOOOO much. Come home and show me how you touch your head to your back. Mom