Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Valentines Day

Today I was at the top of a hill that looks over the school when I saw my friends at the bottom talking about something with the kind of intensity most people reserve for talking about serious topics like global warming and Twilight.
I of course began running down the hill (in loafers and a skirt) which is not a good idea for anyone. It would have been less scary riding a toboggan down a mountain made of concrete then running down this hill. In two steps I had managed to fly head first down which to my complete and utter surprise turned into a round off, back hand spring, doubled axel, landing me perfectly in front of my friends.

"What are you guys talking about"

Ths should come of no surprise considering Valentines day is Monday and everyone has one plan for the weekend. Make chocolate.
In Japan, it is not for the boy you like or say you boyfriend. Girls give to girls.
Which I think is great because not many guys appreciate dark chocolate the way I do.

Weve spent the last week of lunch time on "Cook Note" reviewing chocolate recipes and telling people to make chocolate for us, which I feel is a lot like telling someone to get a Birthday present for you.

All the girls make chocolate, except one girl at my table who said it was "troublesome." Which got her unceremoniously kicked out of the group at least until she said shed make cake.

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