Friday, February 11, 2011

Only for the brave and true...

When someone tells you you:re going to get naked in front of a front of old Japanese ladies and enter boiling water so that you can relax, it often throws you for a loop.

Luckily I wasn`t thrown for this loop, mostly because after the gym in the locker room my host mom said
"Alexa, want to go to the spa," and when I turned around to answer her she was completely nude and I was left with out a choice.

Now, onsens are very  popular in Japan, for the young and old. They are /usually/ seperated by girls and guys. Elementary children go to them on school trips as do college students with theyre friends.
They are basically large hot springs were everyone bathes, naked.
To be honest, they are extremely relaxing, and besides never figuring out how to place the towel so it covers both my upper body and my tooshy, it was all and all an enjoyable experience.

The day started off with me having my once monthly break from rhythmic gymnastics which I spend 40 hours a week at. So, logically, Id spend my day at the gym.
We (me and my host mother) went to four classes. All of which proved on an extreme level how utterly uncoordinated I really am.
The first class, a street jazz class, was all just a blur a limbs going every where. The next class was more easy, just a lot of sexy dancing, which all, except for the 21 year old teacher, failed at.
I finally got control of my legs and arms in the last class, Zumba. It was latin dancing, and as the whitest girl in the class, I managed to actually not run into anyone.
I smiled the whole time as confusing as it was. This can be attributed to the fact that we all looked like day old fouls told to samba and that there was another foreigner in the class.
And I wanted to be the fun foreigner.



Amy said...

One of my few regrets is not experiencing an onsen in Japan. Maybe one day when I visit Japan again, I can experience this little luxury that the Japanese love so much.

Anonymous said...


Sheri said...

Thanks for the postings Lexa! I have enjoyed reading them and it sounds like you are truly having a wonderful experience. Keep the blogs coming! You will have to share "Everything" with the Rotary Club when you get home! Sheri

Mark said...

Hi Alexa, I'm an avid reader of your blog, I also watch your vlogs. You're an inspiration to me. I am forced to move to japan in a few weeks and I'm scared that I would be treated as a gaijin, and would never feel at home. I haven't seen any updates from you. I hope everything is well with you. Hoping to hear from you soon! It's been 5 months! XD